Ideas for Getting Your Sparkle Back


Physically- Go on a nature walk. Start a workout challenge this month. Sign up for spin or dance classes. Choose a dish you’ve never eaten before at every restaurant you visit. Change your physical location- go on vacation! Or even a “stay”- cation.

Mentally- Join a book club. Take a class in something you’ve always wanted to learn: business, photography, cooking, ect. Better yet, go back to school! Visit some art and history museums. Learn a new language.

Emotionally- Begin a daily journal. Schedule a consultation with a counselor or life coach. (Hello! Feel free to email me from the “Contact” page in the menu. Ya know…just in case) Write a list of every good thing you can think of about yourself and use as affirmations that you say aloud every day (all day, if you’d like!)

Financially- Revise your budget and build up your savings (get those coins in order!) Research charities that help solve issues that you care about and make a plan to give to them regularly. Find a side hustle, making money for something that you would actually enjoy doing.

Spiritually- Dive deeper into your relationship with God. Join a small group at your church. Download a Bible app with a daily reading plan and commit to reading the entire Bible in a year! Volunteer at your church or other organizations that help the less fortunate.

Artistically- Start a blog! Look up some DIY projects on Pinterest. Take music or singing lessons. Start a YouTube channel. Find a good spot for a painting in your home and create one! Schedule a photo shoot just for fun!