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“The process is the point. Our journey to the throne holds more impact than being named queen"

- Constance, Founder of QueenlyMe


Meet the Founder, Constance

Once upon a time...

I was a closeted alcoholic with a great education and no meaningful life direction, inching closer & closer to suicide with every unhealthy relationship I allowed myself to be in...

Dream it.

Plan it.


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"Forgiving Your Ex"

Most of us eventually get over our exes, but we are left with scars from offenses done to us by them. This causes us to send off red flags that tells new potentials that we aren't ready or able to begin a new relationship. And if we do begin a new relationship, we are often faced with the same issues that plagued, and probably ended, our last relationship. 

So how do we end these cycles? How can we position ourselves to start fresh in new relationships? How do we keep what happened in our failed relationships from damaging our new ones?

"Forgiving Your Ex" dives into:
-Whether or not you have truly forgiven your ex (and yourself)
-Simple steps on how to forgive effectively
-The dangers of unforgiveness
-What to expect when you decide to forgive your ex
Plus, Forgiveness prayers, decrees, and scriptures as well as the author's own personal "ex horror story" and why she decided to forgive.

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