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    Why Singles Don't Want to Date

    In this video, I talk about the pressure people put on singles to "get out there" and highlight some possible reasons that make singles not want to date at all

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    How to know you're in love

    In this video, I talk about the tv show Married at First Sight and my frustration with the contestants not knowing when they are truly in love with someone.


    I share my thoughts on when you know you're with the right person and when it's safe to say you're "in love" in a relationship!

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    Top 7 Relationship Mistakes of All Time

    Besides the obvious lying, cheating, and betrayal, there are common things that people often do when it comes to relationships that are complete no-nos.


    The problem is... very people know about these things so we continue to taint our perfectly good relationships with them. Until today...

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    35 Things a Single Person Hates to Hear

    Now we know you have good intentions, but some of you think it's okay to ask reckless questions and make reckless statements in relation to our single lives.


    Well... it's not.


    So here are 35 things to that a single usually (and secretly) hates to hear.

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    NEVER say this to a single!!

    In this video, I talk about my frustration with people in relationships who make reckless statements to single people. I share a few things that singles HATE to hear, plus a little single girl story time!

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    Plus, Forgiveness prayers, decrees, and scriptures as well as the author's own personal "ex horror story" and why she decided to forgive.

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