3 Reasons Why Being Alone is Better than Settling in Relationships

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Do you know what autophobia is?

It's something that countless single women all over the world are severely suffering from.

It's the fear of being alone. Yes.... It's a real thing!

Many women are forsaking the standards and desires of their dream relationships to prevent living a lifetime of singleness. But I've got 3 reasons why being alone is MUCH better than settling for what's readily available.

1. Settling makes you bitter and resentful

It sharpens the focus on everything you're not getting. When you settle, you unintentionally force and manipulate the other person to become everything you need that they never possessed. This takes the focus off of the good things they bring into your life and completely disregards them. You become the bully in your relationship because of your frustration with unmet expectations and the other person becomes your punching bag. Before you know it, most of your sentences towards them starts with "Why can't you just..." "You never...." and "What's so hard about..."

2. Settling interferes with your life's purpose

Your purpose should be the scale that you weigh your relationships on. It's true that God predestined a purpose for each one of us before he even pieced us together. And I truly believe that God is so intentional that He even predestined the people we would need in our lives based on that purpose as well.

As soon as Adam chose Eve, God gave them a purpose - one that they were already designed to accomplish together. When we settle for what's available instead of choosing someone who aligns with our purpose, the very thing we were created to accomplish is hindered or completely comes to a halt. And you can never be truly fulfilled and happy if you aren't pursuing the things you were created for.

3. Settling gives love a bad name

The reason that most of us are so comfortable settling is because it's something we see often. Your relationship is being seen by others as an example - every relationship teaches someone something about love. When you settle, you're adding to the notion that it's okay - that this is what you have to do in order to be in a relationship. As if it's just "a part of the process."