3 Simple Steps to Dominate 2018

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

I’ve talked about it…

I’ve posted about it…

I’ve done an Insta-story about it…

I’ve done a live video about it…

And NOW I’ve written a blog about it!!

I’m being STRAIGHT UP annoying about it. Shamelessly. Because this is some info that I am not willing to let you guys miss out on! You’re either going to love me or hate me for it, but I can’t not do it… (ever had that feeling??)

So I was spending time with my favorite CEO, gathering secret strategies to dominate the WORLD for 2018 *insert evil laugh* when something amazing happened. He (we’re talking about Jesus by the way…) gave me 3 simple strategies that will guarantee success in all areas of my life all year long! He said, “The way I’ve set this year up, if you do these 3 things, there’s no way that you can lose.”

So me being the sharing and caring individual that I am *hehe* I asked, “Lord, so is this info pertaining just to me and my year? Or can I share this with… everyone who will possibly listen?!?! Because this is GOOD!”

His response was, “This is for everybody.”

So here I am!

These 3 strategies He shared with me are mentioned and explained in Matthew 7:7…

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

When God released me to share this with you it was because of Matthew 7:8…

For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.

So let’s dive into these 3 things a little bit, shall we?

1. Ask

Our first instruction is to simply ask. The Bible says that we have not because we ask not (James 4:2). ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS ASK!?

Ask” is the Greek word “aiteo” which means: beg, crave, call for, desire, request, (and my personal favorite) require.

Have you ever asked for something you knew you weren’t going to get but you asked anyway just for kicks and giggles and actually got it?? A lot of times we are so focused on how to accomplish things that we forget how simple and powerful is just to ask for it. Sometimes we let fear stop us from asking because, let’s be honest, we hate being told “no.” But here’s the good news…God promises that what we ask for will be given to us!

Give” is the Greek word “didomi” which means: to bestow a gift, supply, deliver (these speak to Jesus as Jehovah Jireh- the Provider), extend, present, entrust (Sometimes God won’t give it until He can trust you with it), commit, give what’s due, and return. These last 2 struck a chord with me because I personally feel like 2017 OWES ME!! I need what’s due to me and I also need some things returned to me that I feel were unrightfully taken as well.

Secret key to asking and receiving: Make sure that what you ask for is in alignment with the will and word of God, or you won’t receive it. God always keeps His promises but He is not going to give you something that goes against His will for your life. Now before you get the sour-puss face, please understand that God’s will is SO…MUCH...BETTER and bigger than even the biggest and bestest things we could even dream up. So choosing God’s will over your own isn’t limiting you, it’s removing the limitations all together.

2. Seek

The Bible says that God is a Rewarder of those of us who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). Growing up, I always heard people say, “Seek God” and I always thought, “What does that even mean?!” How can I be rewarded for something I don’t even know how to do? Is this a set-up?!

“Seek” is the Greek word “zeteo” which means: to find by thinking, meditating, and reasoning.

“Find” is the Greek word “heurisko” which means: to come upon, to meet with after searching (no search = no find), discover, get knowledge of, come to know, obtain.

Now this made a couple of light bulbs go off. Seeking something is a little deeper than just looking for something. When you “look” for something, you check your surroundings and nearby surfaces until you find it, then you go on about your business. But when you “seek” something, you think on it, you meditate on it, you roll it over in your mind, you spend time with it, you consider how finding it will change the way you live, speak, and think.

I was also surprised to learn that “seek” means to worship. So in other words God is saying, “When you worship me, you will gain knowledge, obtain, and discover things.” Most of us set out to seek things on foot, but there are some things we can only find while on our knees, in worship.

Secret key to seeking and finding: What a lot of people fail to realize is that seeking all of the millions of blessings that we need and want is actually incredibly unproductive because we will only be able to attain a portion of those million things. But if we seek God (come ON somebody!!) we not only will find everything we need and want, but also everything we never knew we needed, wanted, or ever even existed!! God says, “When you seek me you will find me. And when you find me, you find everything.”

3. Knock

Some of us have been standing in front of doors for years, and still haven’t knocked. Everything thing you need is on the other side of that door. And the only difference between staying where you are and receiving what you need is simply bringing yourself to knock.

“Knock” is the Greek word “krouo” which means: a heavy blow, a knock at the Door.

This is probably the toughest of the three because it involves the highest level of vulnerability. What if I knock and the door still doesn’t open? How many times should I knock before I give up? How long should I wait for the door to open after knocking on it? What if the door only cracks open to where I can see what’s behind it, but can’t get to it?!

Take heart, beloved. God promises that when you knock, the door will be opened to you. “Open” is the Greek word “anoiga” which means: to be, to open fully and all the way across, to explain.

“To be” means that “it is,” it always will be and it’s not going away. So even if it takes longer than expected and even if you have to knock harder than you expected to, the thing that you are knocking and wait for is still going to be there, so don’t get discouraged and walk away or give up.

I also love the meaning “to open fully and all the way across.” When you knock on this door, it’s not going to crack open, it’s BUSTING open!! All the way open!! Do you shuffle or tiptoe towards a door that is about to bust open? No! You knock on that thing with some confidence and stand back, waiting for the boom! that’s about to happen!

“To explain” was interesting to me; it puzzled me at first. But God showed me that a lot of what we need in this season/year isn’t tangible. A lot of us are seeking knowledge, understanding, and wisdom about certain things, and He promises that these things will be revealed and explained to us fully and all the way across.

Secret key to knocking and opening: Be sure that you are knocking at the right door. If you noticed above, when defining “knock” I spelled “door” with a capital D. That wasn’t a typo. Jesus is described as being “The Way” in John 14:6. Well the way that we get from one place to the next, or one room to another, or from outside to inside, is through a door. There are millions of doors that take you to millions of different places, but in order to make sure that you aren’t going somewhere you don’t want to go, be careful to knock on the Door, not just a door.

These three principles will mean something totally different to each individual that receives it, so I pray that you allow God to show you what it means to you and your year and how He intends for you to use it. I pray that it blessed you as much as it has blessed me and I wish you an amazing year of asking and receiving, seeking and finding, and knocking and opening.


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