3 Simple Steps to Finally Getting Your Relationship Goals

Is it just me, or does it seem like you turn invisible as soon as you decide to open yourself up to dating?? When a relationship was the last thing I wanted, I was turning people down left and right. But once I decided that I was ready to date, I felt like a one-woman show, working overtime to attract the right potentials.

After spending my time doing way too much in this area, I've learned that less is more. Preparing for the right person has less to do with tracking them down and more to do with placing your attention in the right places. These 3 simple steps will help you attract what you want and FINALLY get the relationship goals of your dreams!

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1. How can you improve the relationships you have?

When you have a special guest coming to your home, chances are you prepare for their arrival by making sure your house is spotless. You wouldn't invite them into a mess and then ask them to help you clean. But oftentimes, this is exactly what we do in our relationships.

We seek to start new relationships while the ones we currently have are a complete mess. This becomes a major red flag to potentials because it gives them a foreshadowing of what they can expect from you. So if your relationships with your family and friends have even the slightest touch of toxicity, this is enough to make a good person head for the hills. Water the grass you're standing on before going in search of greener pastures. And who knows, once you begin to invest in the relationships you currently have, you may find that you already have your relationship goals right in front of you!

Do This!

Write a list of the important relationships in your life and pinpoint 1-3 things that you can do to improve each one of them. For example, learning your mother's love language can help you show her you care more effectively. Or if you find that most of the conversations you have with your sister turn into fighting matches, commit to "responding" to her instead of "reacting" by counting to 10 before speaking.

2. What old relationships do you need to end?

Sometimes we don't have room for the new relationships we desire because our lives are full of old relationships we haven't let go of. Every relationship we have is either for a reason, season, or a lifetime. But sometimes our "loyalty" can cause us to hold on to relationships after their time is up in our lives.