3 Tips for Maximizing your Miracle This Month


If you are expecting a miracle this month your prayer life CANNOT be on life support. It actually needs to BE your life support.

  • Prayer points

Write your faith! What are you believing God for? Make it big and be specific. If it doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough. If it is something within your ability to do, then it’s not big enough.

Need help in the faith department? Read this super short (but powerful) book called “The Prayer of Jabez” and watch this!

  • Fast

Fasting adds supersonic power to your prayers! Fasting and prayer are most effective when used together (fasting without prayer is just a diet…ew).

If you aren’t familiar with fasting, I encourage you to google the different types of fasts that would suit you best!

2. Speak the Truth (You have what you say!)

The Truth is →Everything that proceeds out of the mouth of God aka The Word aka the contents of that dusty book you keep on the dashboard of your car for “protection” *side eye*

  • Find a good Bible app

Most Bible apps have Reading Plans that choose passages for you to read every day. You are also able to search scriptures by topic and choose the translation you like best.

  • Find a scripture that supports each prayer point that you are believing God for. There’s nothing that Jesus and His angel armies respond to more than the Word. Say these scriptures out loud during your prayer time.

  • Watch your mouth!

Be very careful about the words you choose to say. Don’t say anything that contradicts what you are believing God for.

For example: If you are believing God for a husband you should stay away from phrases like, “There are no good men left.”

3.Protect your environment

As best you can, maintain an atmosphere that promotes positivity. Our environment typically shapes our train of thought and our perspective of life. When you have the power to, make sure that your environment is one that provides a suitable place to house your miracle. This is how you “make room for it.”

Be careful what you watch (movies, shows, on social media)

Be careful what you listen to (music, certain conversations)

Be careful about the people you choose to keep close to you

Be sure to treat your body well