3 Types of Men and What Every Woman Should Know About Them

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

In my last blog, I mentioned Debi Pearl’s book called “Preparing to be a Help Meet” and how she categorized men into 3 different types. Now keep in mind that I’m only a third into this book and I’m ALREADY writing a blog on it…. If THAT isn’t any indication that you need to order this book NOW then I don’t know what is! Listennn…. I couldn’t wait ANY LONGER to share this info with you AND since I purchased the Teacher’s Edition, I figured I’m well within my jurisdiction to do so…. #TEACH! ☺

Now because all men are made in the image of God, Debi (yeah… first name basis ‘cause we’re cool like that) likens these 3 types of men to the 3 forms of God- God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

But instead she calls these 4 types the King, the Prophet, and the Priest.

I’ve put this info into easy-to-read notes as a guide to go along with my YouTube video…..

The King

His Likeness: similar to God the Father, also called the Command Man

His Purpose: he feels it is his responsibility to lead people and often ends up in places of authority over others

His Traits: he sees the bigger picture and strives to help the greatest number, even if it costs him his money or even his life , not as intimate or vulnerable when it comes to sharing his feelings, but he relies on the support and reverence of his wife to grow as a man and a leader, most uncomfortable when dealing with the sick, helpless, and dying.

His Ideal Woman: Loyal, faithful, obedient woman who know how to serve with joy and encourage her man

As His Wife: understand that you will be expected to be on call for him every minute of the day and he will not want you to engage in anything that will interfere with you being his wife first and foremost. He WILL correct you without hesitation. If you ever choose to become his opposition instead of his support, he will proceed without you.

Pros: Who doesn’t want to be with a KING?! He is high in status, will provide you with a sense of safety and rest by always communicating exactly what he expects from you, and will shower you with pleasure, honor, and adoration as his Queen (cues SWV…. “I get SOOOOO weak in the knees, I can hardly speak…”) SWOON!

Cons: if he ever becomes unbalanced, he may resort to selfishness, using the resources of others to advance his own interests, without the obedience, honor, and reverence he so badly needs, he may become cruel or evil.

The Prophet

His Likeness: the Holy Spirit, also called the Visionary

His Purpose: shaker, changer, and dreamer. He sees things for what they can and should be and seeks to change them

His Traits: loves confrontation, he is consumed with the need to communicate (A LOT) whether with words, music, writing, art, or actions. Not fit to work the same 9 to 5 job day in and day out.

His Ideal Woman: a loyal and faithful servant, but not just for him, for everyone. He wants a kind-hearted, peacemaker that loves to help others, but is still tough and able to square her shoulders and put a smile on

As His Wife: It’s important that you have a vibrant live before he comes along, because when he finds the next “cause” or vision to fixate on this may leave you feeling neglected if you don’t have other things going on to fill your life and time with. Expect to be either rich or poor, but rarely in between when married to a Prophet type of man. Know how to be flexible, stay loyal, and maintain a positive outlook on life even in the midst of monetary or materialistic lack. He may not notice how long you slaved over a meal, but he will appreciate your interest in his vision and projects

Pros: he may get fixated on single issues for a while, but he is just as willing and able to fixate on you as well. He is very romantic and passionate as a husband.

Cons: has a tendency to judge others and himself harshly and, in the absence of wisdom, may force others to go along with their agenda

And Debbie pearls book preparing to be a help meet she states that your husband-to-be will fall into one of three categories a king who is like God the Father, a command man. A priest also called a steady man who is healing and kind like Jesus. Or a prophet also called the Visionary who is in the image of the Holy Spirit or a man of ideas. She explains that sometimes a man is mostly one with the little of other but rarely a balance of all three. The Priest

His Likeness: Jesus, also called the Steady Man

His Purpose: Helping and comforting others

His Traits: emotionally stable, likes to stick to his daily routine, prefers to see life as it is, a people-person, skilled in being able to comfort and help the sick, helpless, dying, and sad. He’s a very necessary bridge between the other 2 types of men, he will be in a state of quiet contemplation most of the time

His Ideal Woman: The Priest has 2 types that he is attracted to: A Dreamer or a Go-To Girl. A Dreamer is a creative woman (writer, designer, painter, ect.) who spends her time developing her gifts, skills, and talents. A Go-To Girl is a strong, opinionated, organized, confident woman. Priests love these 2 types of women because they want their wives to be self-sufficient in, not only the daily tasks of living, but in business and exploring their own creative geniuses.

As His Wife: you will be expected to show some initiate and grow in your own right before God and you’re your laziness and wastefulness will greatly discourage him. Understand that you may never have him all to yourself because everyone will need him for something. Alone time should be a scheduled vacation with no phones. You will need a gentle, humble, patient spirit. Learn how to be still and listen. He may not expect you to cook, clean, or serve him but he may want to do these things with you; if you are a perfectionist be careful that you do not discourage him from participating in these things by condemning him for not doing things to your standards.

Pros: You never have to worry about a priestly man taking you on an emotional roller coaster. Out of the 3 types, the priest wants to please his wife the most. He avoids controversy and never makes snap decisions

Cons: Some of the Priestly man pros can also be some cons depending on the person. Avoiding controversy isn’t always good because he may resort to people-pleasing instead of getting to the root of real issues. Also, his tendency to take his time in making decisions may sometimes make a woman feel like she has to takeover. She might get irritated with his steadiness when she wants to experience some spontaneity, romance, and adventure.

Now I’ve only given you snippets of the info from these chapters so I would advise that you grab this “marriage bible for wives” for yourself and dive in DEEP! Whether you’ve been married for 45 years or haven’t had a date since 1995, and even if you don’t know if you even want to get married, you still need to read this book. You know that at some point you’ll have to have some type of relationship with a man, whether it’s your dad, brother, coworker, or friend. We weren’t called to be help meets only in marriage, but in every area of our lives. GET THIS BOOK…. ‘KAY?! Bye


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