3 Ways to Keep Social Media from Ruining Your Relationship

Some people seem to believe that the moment you show your relationship on social media is the moment your relationship ends. And others think that your relationship isn't official until you broadcast it on Instagram and change your status on Facebook.

The truth is, it's almost impossible to function in today's time without some form of social media. So instead of being hit with whatever comes your way, be proactive by using these 3 ways to keep social media from ruining your relationship.

1. Talk about it early

Communication is everything when safeguarding your relationship as it relates to social media. You should both acknowledge the fact that social media has the potential to affect your relationship while recognizing that it shouldn't have the power to ruin it.

Don't wait until there's an issue to talk about it. The idea is to tackle the problems before they tackle you! Talk about how each of you feels about social media in general - how often you use it, what platforms you use the most, and how much of a role it plays in your everyday life.

Are you the type of person who posts every day? Or do you mainly scroll without posting at all? Do you want to post your relationship or keep it private? When do you think is a good time to reveal your relationship on social media and how would you do that? Do you post big events? Or do you prefer to keep them private? The sooner you understand each other's social media habits, the better.

2. Be honest about what bothers you

You may feel a little petty doing this, but it's very necessary and extremely vital to the success of your relationship. If you've noticed some social media behavior that bothered you, be honest about bringing it to your significant other's attention.

If you saw them dropping some flirty emojis or following their ex and it bothered you, even a little bit, say something about it. They may not realize that what they are doing is crossing the line in your eyes, but if they did they would probably stop.

Don't assume that they "should know" what bothers you or that they already know what you find unacceptable. Be clear about communicating that to them so that they know what your expectations are.

3. Create social media rules for your relationship

Use the things that bother each of you about social media to create some boundaries, or "social media rules," for your relationship.

One of my best friends and her boyfriend agreed that if either one of them was uncomfortable with something the other person posted on social media that they would comment with a single period (.) to let the other person know.

This was a great idea for 2 reasons:

1. It was discreet.

They didn't have to write an entire angry paragraph on the post for everyone to see, starting a "public" argument. This invites others into the matters of your relationship and pretty soon they'll be giving you their 2 cents. If you're having a problem in your relationship, the only person you should be talking to about it is the person you're in a relationship with.

2. It increased and improved their communication

They went directly to each other and had conversations about what made the post unacceptable which allowed them to come up with solutions from preventing it from happening again.

Social media doesn't ruin relationships but how you use it can. It should never be given enough power to cause issues in your relationship. And if it does, then maybe you aren't really ready for a relationship in the first place. Make sure that you are confident within yourself and then within your relationship before you take the step of unveiling your relationship to the world.


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