4 Reasons Why the Devil is a Punk and You Are Bigger Than Him

Until recently, I experienced a certain level of fear when it came to thinking about and confronting the devil. But over the years, certain life experiences, as well as becoming more confident in the Word of God, has taught me that when I stand up to the devil, he has to flee from me. Me? Little ol me? Yes, me! And you too! There are many of us who still experience fear when it comes to the devil so I’m excited to expose him for the spineless imposter that he truly is.

That’s right, devil! Try me if you want! But the truth is coming out TAH-DAY!

1. He made the dumbest mistake ever and he’s still paying for it

The devil had it MADE! He was Heaven’s Director of Music (fancy). But he got greedy. He didn’t just want to be over the Music Ministry, he wanted to be the Top Dog, the Head Honcho, the HBIC (Heavenly Being in Charge, hehe.) And THAT got him (and his supporters/ a third of the angels) kicked out of Heaven.

Now the only power he has is the power that we chose to give him. That’s right…YOU are responsible for how much power the enemy has on this earth.  He spends his time roaming around scraping up unbelievers to be on his team. (Yes his numbers are dwindling fast. God is reclaiming His children!) I think that a lot of people forget that God is capable of anger, so allow the devil’s life to be the prime example of what happens when you try to take God’s place, whether in your own life or in someone else’s.

2. He only has one played-out trick up his sleeve

The only skill the devil has is manipulation. That’s why his main goal is to gain power over our minds. As I said before, he needs us to make him powerful: the only way he can accomplish anything is through the power that God gave to us through his Holy Spirit. Some of the ways that this little punk typically likes to manipulate you is by:

  • Threatening your life in the most subtle ways so that no one, not even you, suspects that you are actually under attack

  • Making you think suicide is the only option to solving your problems

  • Desensitizing you to injustices and tragedies

  • Putting certain people, messages, and images in front of you that make you feel inferior, inadequate, and unlovable in order to make you forget that you were fearfully and wonderfully made by God himself for a mighty purpose that only you can fulfill

  • Creating division in your nation, family, friendships, marriages, and churches because these are the ways in which God shows himself and His Love through others towards you.


This is going to sound really crazy, but the devil actually manipulated me into feeling sorry for him for a large part of my life. He planted the whole “woe is me, I’m never going to win, waa waa waa” act into my mind, using my compassion for underdogs against me. He even added in the whole “pray for your enemies” scripture to back himself up too!

But one day while in prayer, (this is why prayer time with God is so critical! Hello!) God spoke to me and asked me why I would have compassion for a being that constantly raises himself up against the Word and Will of God. He said, “As loving as I am, why would you hold compassion towards something I hate?” God then proceeded to reveal to me the times throughout my life that the devil tried to kill me and make it look accidental. I’m so serious y’all. It was the craziest thing!

It was then that I realized… I had been bamboozled! I was so mad at the fact that he used my compassion against me AND was literally trying to attack me my whole life (and got me in trouble with the G. O. D. *side eye*) that I’ve been hating him ever since! *angelic smile*

It’s time for us to stop blaming things on coincidences and wake up to the fact that the devil has a plan for our lives: to kill us and our purposes, to steal what’s rightfully ours as children of God, and to destroy us using the most powerful weapon that we possess against us: our minds.  But without us falling for his tricks, the enemy becomes exposed as the tiny, powerless little man that he is. Which brings me to my next point…

3. He suffers from the little man syndrome

When the end times come and we finally get to see this devil that has been plotting to torment us all of our lives, you will be so mad at yourself for ever allowing him to have any control over you once you see how small he really is. Think about the Wizard of Oz. Everyone was so intimidated by the booming voice and the dark smoke, but when the lights came on, it was just an old man, a megaphone, and blowing bed sheet.

That’s exactly how the devil has to operate in order to keep his rep up. He has to rely on his shadow to make himself look big and scary. But as soon as you shine some light on him (the Light…I’m talking about Jesus! And the light that is within you as well!) you are able to see just how small and powerless he really is. He’s a lion with no teeth. All bark and no bite. A mouse with no cheese! (Okay, I’m not sure that last one relates, but you get the point!!) That’s why he is called the king of darkness; because without it his intimidation factor is a cuddly negative 5.

4. He’s destined to be a failure.

Poor little devil. I wonder how it would feel to spend my existence preparing for a war that I knew I had already lost from the beginning. But I wouldn’t know…because I’m called to be victorious in all things through Christ. YEAH!!

Honestly, the devil had more power while under God’s submission in heaven. Now he’s working tirelessly to convince us that God isn’t real, but it’s kind of hard to do that when we have a piece of God operating in the very fiber of our beings.

Well…let me clarify: it’s hard to convince those of us who claim God as our Father and find our identity in Him. If you have yet to submit completely to the Lord, I want you to think about this: If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. You are either for the Kingdom or against it. Contrary to popular ways of living, there is no gray area. If you haven’t established yourself as a Kingdom Kid then you are automatically on Team Enemy. And why would you want to be on a team that is guaranteed to fail? And a HORRIBLE failure at that! (Have you read Revelations lately?? Shiver me timbers!)

The devil is basically a mischievous 2 year old. You can:

A) Let him run all over you.

B) Put your foot down and stick his nose in a corner.

The choice is yours. I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to get punked by a punk. That just doesn’t work for me. Once you snatch your power back from the devil you’ll truly be able to see him for the scrawny, naked mole rat he really is. (Wow, now that’s a mental image for you!)


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