4 Strategies for Battling Summertime Lust

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It's warming up outside! Most people get excited this time of year because they have vacations coming up and body goals to conquer. But for the Saved Singles, it's when the strategies for battling summertime lust go into full effect! This time of year always brings some level of anxiety for us because of the temptation that comes along with it.

For the men, it may be short shorts and skirts, sundresses, and skimpy bathing suits. For women, it may be spotting a sweat-glistening, shirtless man going for a run, or even being tempted to forsake modesty to compete with other women who are gaining more attention in tiny outfits. The temptations may be different but the struggle is just as REAL for both men and women.

The only way we can both enjoy the nice weather AND keep from slipping up is to arm ourselves with strategies to prevent us from giving in to temptation.

1. Master the glance

If you look long, you look wrong. This takes some self-control. Normally when we see an attractive person, a double-take is involved- at first glance we notice that they are attractive, and the second look serves as a "snack" for our eyes, which can quickly turn onto a feast if we get carried away.