4 Tips for Dating with Trust Issues

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Let's say you've been dating the perfect guy for almost 2 months. He's handsome, funny, mature, financially stable, and a man after God's own heart.

But in a moment of transparency, he tells you that he used to struggle with staying faithful in his past relationships. He reassures you after strengthening his relationship with God that this is no longer a problem for him.

But what do you do??

Or maybe the issue isn't cheating, per se.

Maybe you're in a relationship where one person has done something, either to you or to someone in their past, to break the trust in another way, such as lying, hiding something, betraying loyalty, or simply not being there when you needed them.

The commonly held belief is "once a [fill in the blank], always a [fill in the blank]."

But as believers, we know that once someone surrenders to Christ and receives salvation, they become a new creature in Christ. As long as the person is repentant, God will forgive them and completely transform them from the inside out.

But although that's true, you still can't keep the questions from racing in your mind...

Why did he do it? Will he do it again? Does he still think about doing it? Is he lying? Should I trust him?

Just because someone made mistakes in the past doesn't necessarily mean that they will do it again. If you still believe that the relationship is worth pursuing and you want to be able to forgive and move forward, here are 4 tips to help you do that effectively.

1. Don't hold them to your past

Believe it or not, sometimes our inability to trust usually has more to do with what we've experienced in our past relationships than whether or not the person in question is actually trustworthy.