4 Ways to Accomplish More by Doing Less

Sometimes things move so fast in our lives and seem so discombobulated that we assume it would take a miracle to get our ducks in a row. But the truth is that small changes literally do make a big difference. A lot of times it’s not the size of the load that’s the problem, but it’s how we carry it. Re-position some things in your day to get a better grip on it. Instead of letting your day drag you, make it work for you. Make it your employee, put it on your payroll, write it up if it slacks off! Set your day up so that you’re coasting in excellence and not having to paddle upstream.

Wait before you work.

So which one describes you:

  • The person that jumps straight up right when the alarm goes off?

  • The person that wakes up in a panic long after it goes off?

  • Or the Snooze Tapper that has every intention of waking up on time, but finds that nothing matters more in those morning moments than another 5 minutes of sleep?

(Psst… that last one is definitely me.)

Have you noticed that when you wake up late or in a panic, that it seems like you’re desperately trying to catch up the remainder of the day, while somehow screwing things up that you normally do every day with ease?

Now let’s rewind to that day you actually woke up early! You had your LIFE together that day, didn’t ya?! Even though you may have gotten less sleep, you probably felt more equipped to handle the day. The whole day you probably thought, “This is GREAT! I need to do this more often!” And the next morning you’re right back to tapping that snooze button.

It’s amazing what waking up just 15 minutes early can accomplish. A lot of our days would become more productive and less stressful if we just allowed ourselves that short amount of time to wait before we dive into our work, or phone, or tv, or email inbox, or social media newsfeed.

The Bible says that when we seek God early, we will find Him (Proverbs 8:17). Even Jesus felt the need to do this, so how much more should we? (Read Mark 1:35). This allows us to start the day with peace instead of panic, which sets the precedent for peace to follow us throughout the entire day. Take a second after waking up to be grateful for the day that is before you, because it wasn’t promised to you. Every day is literally a gift, so the first thing I do as soon as I open my eyes is say “Thank you, Lord. I love you” (usually half in English and half… something else, but God appreciates it nonetheless!)

Allow God to love on you before you go out into the world. Have an intimate moment with Him and let Him download some secrets to you about what the day may bring. Let Him prep you. Don’t just go into war with no strategy. Ask Him what you need to know to be victorious and conquer the day!

Write a to-do list. Every. Morning.

Write the vision and make it plain (Habakkuk 2:2). Listen… the Bible is FULL of practical, simple ways to WIN in life. It’s definitely one of the most useful, but underused, books that exists. God just whispered to me (literally as I was typing that last sentence) and said, “Then spend as much time reading it as you do other books…” Ok Lord, you’re right. I hear you. *hands up in submission* Some