5 Love Languages for Singles | Gary Chapman

As a someone with a background in psychology, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to avoid learning the 5 Love Languages like the back of your hand. (And why wouldn't you? They are AMAZING!) But I had no idea that there was a "Love Languages for Singles" edition of the book! (Yes, Gary! Come through!)

After "reading" the audio book 3 times back-to-back (don't judge me!), I decided that I should probably do a book review and weigh in on why knowing the love languages as a single is so necessary.

Being single doesn't mean that you have to wait to get into a relationship to be and feel loved. Singles need love too!! And it also doesn't mean that you're exempt from learning and "speaking" the love language of those around you, even if you aren't romantically interested in them.

Press play below to dive into the video!!