5 Reasons for Unanswered Prayers

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

So you’ve prayed to God and you’re waiting for an answer. And you wait. And you wait. And you wait.

Let me save you from starting to believe that God isn’t as great as we say He is, or even worse, that He isn’t even real. The truth is that God is good… REALLY good!! But He doesn’t just give us everything we ask for. (Thank God!) Here are 5 possible reasons that you’re prayers haven’t been answered.

1.Not the right time

There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season. –Ecclesiastes 3:1

God has given them a desire to know the future. He does everything just right and on time, but people can never completely understand what he is doing. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

What these verses are saying is that there is such a thing as perfect timing and God is the only One who possesses it. The only timing we think is perfect is “right now.” But God has the ability and position to see every situation from all angles. He knows what can happen (what can get thrown off and out of sequence) when we receive something we aren’t ready for. A lot of times the answer isn’t “no”, it’s just “not yet.” Or as my homegirl Joyce Meyer says, “Delay does not mean denial.”

Take, for instance, a person may ask God to become a successful doctor to help and heal the sick. What would happen if God immediately granted that request? This person hasn’t been to school or received any training and could possibly be 5 years old for all we know, but is now responsible for saving lives. It is almost certain that this will cause serious damage, and maybe even deaths, among people who are already in need of help and healing. It’s probably true that his life’s purpose is indeed to become a doctor, but the timing has to be right.

I’m personally thankful that God loves me too much to give me what I’m not ready for. When I receive the blessings of God, I want to be able to keep them and not cause harm to myself or others through them.

2. It’s not good for you

Just as God’s timing is perfect, so are His ways. Let’s be honest: We don’t truly know what’s good for us. If we did, we wouldn’t need God or His Spirit helping us along. There has been PAH-LENTY of times when I made decisions and asked for certain things thinking I knew best, only for it all to blow up in my pretty little face in a horrifying way. It’s like the popular saying goes, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.” A lot of times we don’t realize what we don’t want until it happens, but by then it’s too late.

No matter what makes sense in our minds, only God really knows what can help us and what can hurt us. I’ve made a regular habit of making sure God knows that I want Him to have the final say when I ask for things in prayer. If He doesn’t want me to have it, then I don’t want it.

And for those of you who like to entertain the “gray area” I know you’re probably thinking, “Well just because it isn’t good for you doesn’t always mean that it’s necessarily bad for you either.” Yes…it does. Don’t be deceived my Royal friend. You’re too important for that.

3. Disobedience

He who turns away his ear from hearing the law of God and man, even his prayer is an abomination, hateful, and revolting to God. – Proverbs 28:9

Revolting?! So basically, when you begin to pray God goes, “Eww, ugh, here she comes trying to pray again. Just the sound of her voice alone makes me want to gag.”

I don’t EVER want to be the one who grosses God out. But that’s exactly how he views disobedience and unwillingness to submit to authority (His authority as well as the authority of your parents, boss, teachers, pastors, city and national laws, ect.). Someone who is unwilling to submit to anyone above them takes on the perspective that they know what’s best and it’s impossible to learn anything that way.