5 Signs of Depression and 2 Ways to Combat It

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Depression has gotten so common in our country that a lot of people don’t even realize that they suffer from it. This is especially true for females age 18-29 who are 3 times more likely to develop depression. What’s astounding is that so many people suffer from the symptoms of depression that we’ve come to accept these things as “normal” things that just come along with living in our society! LIES!! I will NOT accept it! And you shouldn’t either. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean that it’s normal.

I understand that we all have tough times and moments of sadness, but if you’ve experienced at least 3-4 of the following symptoms consistently for 2 weeks or more, then you may be experiencing more than PMS, my Queen.

Important disclaimer:

*The following diagnostic criteria is based on the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) for Major Depressive Disorder. If after reading these signs, you suspect that you suffer from depression, it is imperative that you seek appropriate professional assistance. The tips listed within this blog may not be sufficient enough to correct for all levels of depressive diagnoses*

  1. Do you feel sad, empty, and/or hopeless for the majority of the day even while doing activities that most people enjoy?

Now some people just choose to be sad most of the day. You know, the Pity Party-er, the Attention Getter, the I Want Everything to Go My Way-er. But when you are depressed, there is nothing you want more than to be happy, and despite the efforts by others and yourself to pull you out of your funk, it just isn’t working.

  1. Are you experiencing significant weight gain or weight loss?

Has there been a significant increase or decrease in your appetite? Have you experienced a change of more than 5% of your usual body weight within a month? I’m not talking about the weight loss (cough* or gain *cough) from your latest diet. This change occurs in the absence of an intentional diet or workout regimen.

  1. Have you had insomnia, fatigue, or low energy?

Can’t get to sleep or stay asleep? Can’t get out of bed? Do usual daily activities make you super tired? Does your body feel restless or like it’s moving in slow motion? Depressed individuals have very little motivation to get up and get going each day. It feels almost impossible to them. They cancel a lot of their commitments (work, family time, house chores, events, ect.) because they simply can’t find the energy and concentration needed to do them.

Now understand that not having the energy and not wanting to use the energy for certain things are different! If you’re just a severe introvert that would rather be at home and away from humans, you are not depressed. Go forth and retreat behind a good book ☺

  1. Do you often feel worthless or guilty about things that aren’t your fault?

How hard is it for you to accept a compliment, favors, or help from others? Do you think that everyone is happier when you aren’t around? Are you able to find a way for every bad thing that happens to somehow be your fault?

Let’s put our crowns on the nightstand for a minute and have an honest Queen moment, shall we? I suffered from depression in a past relationship for about a year before I even realized it. It took me way longer than it should have to end the relationship because, in my mind, everything bad that happened in the relationship was my fault. I felt like I was making the guy miserable and that he would be happier if he wasn’t with me. But I also felt that if I did break up with him it wouldn’t be fair to enter into another relationship and make the next guy miserable as well. So in my mind, my only two options were to either hold this man hostage for the rest of our lives or be alone for the rest of my life. I literally could not see it going any other way! And this man wasn’t even all that great you guys! He was mediocre in life at best. This sounds completely ridiculous to me now (because it is), but at that time my depressed state clouded my every thought, which had me out of touch with reality.

  1. Do you think about death and suicide a lot?

I am very thankful and fortunate that I was able to reverse my depression before I got to this stage. But if I had not, I am certain that I was well on my way to it. It’s crazy to think that if I didn’t make the decision to break that cycle, there’s a very strong possibility that I wouldn’t even be alive right now. You can only feel worthless for so long before you start to fantasize about a world without you in it.

If you have had these thoughts before or if you find yourself thinking about it more often, let me offer you 2 things…