5 Signs You're Not Ready to Date

One of the best things that you can do to ensure the success of your future relationship is knowing when to stay single. Many of us have opened ourselves up to severe damage in our relationships simply because we got into it before we were actually ready.

Premature daters are often desperate. Desperation and dating create the perfect recipe to cause your love dreams to violently explode in your face, which could lead to damage that requires a lifetime of recovery.

I can speak from experience. There was a time in my life when the one thing I wanted the most was the last thing I should have been pursuing - a relationship. It caused me to devote my life to the wrong person and completely lose myself.

I had no standards for the type of relationship I was looking for. I just wanted someone to love who would love me back. But after years and years of trusting "love" to work everything out, I eventually learned that love isn't enough.

A successful relationship is the result of successful singleness. If you treat your singleness as a disease you can't wait to get rid of then getting into a relationship will not change that. If you're unhappy now, you'll be unhappy then.

It's kind of annoying, but the moment you begin to truly live in contentment as a single will be the time that God allows the right person for you to appear. Being content and happy with your life allows you to be picky when it comes to who you choose to date. This saves you from being in the wrong relationship just to "have someone to love."

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