50 Simple Things Every Single Woman Should Do

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

In a recent post, I talked about how singles have sensationalized relationships so much that we insist on waiting to live our lives until we have someone to do it with. Thinking back to when I finally put my fantasies to rest and decided to venture out and do things on my own, I remember being at a complete loss for ideas! I had to genuinely take time to figure out what I like to do apart from what would be fun and cute to do as a couple.

After some time and self-discovery, I learned that the things I loved to do the most were the super simple things that we tend to overlook in search of the "big thing." So I decided to compile a list of some simple things that every single woman should do at least once in hopes that it would give you a good start to discovering the things that you love to do as well.

1. Have a private listening party for a new album that just came out

2. Splurge on a nice fragrance

3. Treat yourself to dinner at a new restaurant

4. Take yourself to a concert. Get a VIP ticket!

5. Go to a festival

6. Read a book at the park

7. Wake up early to watch the sunrise

8. Find a high hill in your city and watch the sun set

9. Visit a friend or family member who lives out of town

10. Plan your dream life. Let your mind wander- visualize it and write it down!

11. Go to an art show or museum

12. See a play or performance

13. Go to a movie. Forget the diet for the night and have your favorite snacks!

14. Treat yourself to a fancy dessert

15. Take a stay-cation at a nice hotel in your city

16. Go for a long joy ride

17. Try a new recipe

18. Create a playlist with all of your favorite songs and have a private dance party

19. Go to a store you can't afford yet and window shop

20. Go to a store you can afford and ACTUALLY shop!

21. Spend the day visiting consignment/antique shops in your city

22. Get a mani/pedi

23. Get a professional facial or make a DIY facial using what you have in your kitchen

24. Go listen to live music

25. Get a good view of the moon and star gaze

26. Take a class. Cooking, painting, pottery, dance, workout, photography. Look at what's offered in your city!

27. Go to a part of your city that you don't venture into often and explore

28. Go on a hike

29. Go on a missions trip

30. Start a bullet or daily reflection journal

31. Start or create a 30-day challenge for something you want to improve on

32. Plan a girls trip!

33. Face a fear

34. Join a Meetup group in your city and choose an upcoming event to attend

35. Find a conference to attend - For singles, women, business, personal development, ect.

36. Choose a skill that you have and think of a way to make an income doing something you love!

37. Use a hashtag on Instagram to find a dope photographer in your area and schedule a photo-shoot! (#atlantaphotgrapher)

38. Plan a game night at your house

39. Drive to the nearest beach and stay in an awesome AirBNB

40. Redecorate your bedroom or work space

41. Get a massage

42. Write out your life's story to pass down to your children and grandchildren. Add to it every year!

43. Test drive your dream car

44. Write down everything you want your dream home to have and look for it online

45. Talk to God about what you want your future husband and marriage to be like. Decide on 5 qualities you need in a husband and 5 non-negotiable deal-breakers.

46. Plan an international trip. Turn this into a S.M.A.R.T. goal so that it actually happens one day!

47. Go shopping in your closet. Revisit the pieces that you forgot about and make a donate/sell pile to make room for new pieces that you need.

48. Have a movie marathon. Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Sex and the City, ect.

49. Revamp or re-purpose a piece of furniture you're tired of looking at

50. Sit quietly and ask God to speak to you. Write down what you think He is saying

Let me know which ones you plan to try! And which ones you do already!

Much Love!



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