50 Simple Things Every Single Woman Should Do

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

In a recent post, I talked about how singles have sensationalized relationships so much that we insist on waiting to live our lives until we have someone to do it with. Thinking back to when I finally put my fantasies to rest and decided to venture out and do things on my own, I remember being at a complete loss for ideas! I had to genuinely take time to figure out what I like to do apart from what would be fun and cute to do as a couple.

After some time and self-discovery, I learned that the things I loved to do the most were the super simple things that we tend to overlook in search of the "big thing." So I decided to compile a list of some simple things that every single woman should do at least once in hopes that it would give you a good start to discovering the things that you love to do as well.

1. Have a private listening party for a new album that just came out

2. Splurge on a nice fragrance

3. Treat yourself to dinner at a new restaurant

4. Take yourself to a concert. Get a VIP ticket!

5. Go to a festival

6. Read a book at the park

7. Wake up early to watch the sunrise

8. Find a high hill in your city and watch the sun set

9. Visit a friend or family member who lives out of town

10. Plan your dream life. Let your mind wander- visualize it and write it down!

11. Go to an art show or museum

12. See a play or performance

13. Go to a movie. Forget the diet for the night and have your favorite snacks!

14. Treat yourself to a fancy dessert

15. Take a stay-cation at a nice hotel in your city

16. Go for a long joy ride

17. Try a new recipe

18. Create a playlist with all of your favorite songs and have a private dance party

19. Go to a store you can't afford yet and window shop

20. Go to a store you can afford<