5 Books Every Woman Should Read

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

So I figured it out...

The reason a lot of our new year's resolutions fail is because we wait for the New Year’s Eve vision party to even decide what they are!

Well there’s 4 solid months left of this year, so that’s PLENTY of time for you to start building goals for next year. But not before reading these 5 books because they will definitely get you and all of your goals together.

1. "No Opportunity Wasted"- Bishop Joseph Warren Walker III

This book doesn’t just give you motivational quotes to post on Facebook or prop up on your desk to collect dust. Bishop is ALL about getting things DONE!!

(And I say “Bishop” affectionately because he really is my Bishop! But even before I joined his flock, I always listened to his teachings and read his books. MY GOD this man has got his life together!)

Some of us are chronic "planners": We have no problem planning out the vision, but somehow, some way, the vision never gets accomplished. This book is just he pill you need to swallow to cure that little issue, BooBoo. He lays out some really effective steps to take and questions to answer as it relates to executing your vision and your goals.


2. "Women and Money"- Suze Orman

Can we get out of our feelings just long enough to agree that women have money issues; not necessarily spending issues (although... that too!) but issues in general in how we relate and response to money matters.

And before you say, “Chile not me!” then just know that I thought the same thing before reading this book. It made me realize that I’m not as “good with money" as I thought. Not only does she break down the steps to become your own personal financial BOSS, but she uncovers the reasons that led us (women) to be weird, ineffective, and in the dark about money management. Knowing those things and the aftermath of it all kind of angered me into wanting to make changes and do better with my finances.


3. "Preparing to be a Help Meet"- Debi Pearl

I’m sure y’all are TIRED of me talking about this book, but I…DON’T… CARE!! You have GOT to read this book if you plan on getting married. And even if you don’t want to get married or you’re unsure, this book will benefit you just as much and this is why...

At some point in your life, you’ll have a relationship or interaction with a man- your father, brother, son, friend, co-worker, business partner, mentor, pastor, or even a complete stranger. We’ve got to stop thinking that the only male-female relationship worth investing in is with our husbands.

Every interaction you have with a man matters because if you can’t have a healthy relationship with a man outside of marriage, you can’t expect to have a successful relationship with your husband.

This book even breaks down different types of females and lets you know which one you are and which type of man you are compatible with. Girl… just get the book! But be prepared to make some major life changes.


4. The Bible

Yes, I went there...

We have no problem burying ourselves neck-high in the self-help section of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but we fail to realize that most, if not ALL, of our issues would be solved if we just get our instructions from the Source.

Life DOES come with instructions; the Bible is our instruction manual and it’s also a very powerful weapon as well. So use it; it makes life so much easier and it'll make 2019 become 365 days of prosperity and success!

HERE are some incredibly amazing, hand-painted Bibles and journals from hosannarevival.com!

5. "Forgiving Your Ex"- Yours Truly!

Sometimes our "exes" aren't just people we've dated- many times they can be situations we haven't dealt with that are keeping us chained to our past.

In this book, I explain how forgiveness can be a life or death decision and I even share a forgiveness story of my own that has forever changed my life!

If you don't know where to start, what to do, or what to expect from stating a journey like this, then don't worry because this book will definitely make that process very clear and easy to do.


If you have read any of these book already, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! And if you haven't read these books yet, come back and tell me what you think after reading them!


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