6 Love Myths that Can Ruin Your Relationship

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

With Valentine's Day being less than 2 weeks away, I wanted to do us all a favor and debunk some of the popular myths about love. These things may sound cute and cuddly to say, but they often lead to us having unrealistic expectations.

Don't let popular cliches cause damage to your relationship. Learning the truth can be the difference between long-lasting love and a short-lived exchange.

1. Love is a feeling that "happens" to you

The Truth: Love is a daily decision.

The mistake that many of us are making is letting our feelings tell us if we're in love instead of deciding to be in love with the right person who is best suited for us.

Most people expect to feel sparks. They expect the world to come to a standstill when they lock eyes when the person they're supposed to be with. They expect that person to make them feel good every time they're around. And if the "sparks" dwindle over time they assume the love is gone.

The truth is that there will be days when the person you've chosen to love may get on your last nerve. They may not always act like that sweet, loving, attentive person you first met every second of every day. They will have days when they feel "off" and act out of character, and you will too. They will disagree with you and eventually hurt your feelings in some way or another.

That's just the nature of people and relationships. It doesn't mean that they aren't a good person to love. It just means that love won't always feel like "love" every day.

Some days, love doesn't come easily. Some days, love is deciding to be nice and helpful even though they're acting like a butt. Sometimes love is choosing to be understanding even if you're being misunderstood.

Love is a daily decision. It's not anything magical. And true love doesn't come and go like our feelings. It's a "no matter what" commitment.

2. All you need is love to make your relationship work.<