Book Festival! + The "Flying Solo" Struggle

So last weekend, I went to the Decatur Book Festival here in Georgia. It was amazing!!

So much fun (so much FOOD!) and the vibe of positivity was off the charts. Plus, I got so much FREE stuff, which I loved! I decided to take you guys with me, so press play below to check out my vlog!

But let's talk about this flying solo business real quick...

Now in my last blog, we discovered that I'm a true introvert so it should come as no surprise that I'm not particularly fond of crowds, ESPECIALLY when I'm by myself.

I mean... I'm 5'2. I could get CRUSHED in a crowd! It gets kind of scary... my fun-sized people, you feel me right?!

Anyway, going to this festival was a bit of a game-changer for me. I know that might sound a little dramatic but let me paint this picture for you...

It's been a year and one week since I moved to Atlanta, and I just realized about a month ago that I haven't really explored the city since I moved here! Which is ridiculous because there's NO SHORTAGE of things to do here. EVER!

Now, in addition to being an introvert, I'm also a psychologist... so I dived right into analyzing myself (ahh fun times). What the heck was wrong with me?!

I made myself think that I was too busy or that I didn't have enough money or that I didn't feel like putting up with all the crazy people that might be there, when really....

I didn't want to go alone.

So here lies the struggle: I'm an extremely fun person, but I allowed my schedule and being single to get in the way of experiencing life. I got comfortable being busy and spending what free time I do have in the comfort of my home unless my bestie happened to be free and didn't have a date with her "future husband."

I asked myself a tough question: Would I want to date someone like that?

Uhhhh NO! That's so boring! I want to date someone who isn't afraid to experience new things, who always has a story about this one place he went to or that thing he randomly decided to try one day.

So I took my own advice...

I've always loved spending time alone. As I mentioned earlier, I have a fairly large family so I cherished my alone time. (Love y'all though!!) But I never wanted to be that person that others looked at and pitied because I was doing things by myself.