Why We Date People Like Our Parents

I’ve been spending a lot more time with my best friend’s mom lately (long story) and although I probably know my bestie better than 99% of the world, so much about her is making SO MUCH SENSE now that I’m coming to know her mom better.

It made me think about the fact that so much of our relationship choices and habits depend upon our parents: who we choose to date, how we date them, and why.

I’m currently reading the book by Debi Pearl called Preparing to be a Help Meet.

Side note: EVERY WOMAN needs to read this book!!!! It should be required for marriage…seriously.

In her book, she separates men into three categories: the King, the Prophet, and the Priest (don’t worry, I’m definitely posting about this very soon!!)

I was telling my bestie about which man seemed closest to the type of man I would like to marry. Then, she started sharing with me about how “on-point” the book was about the guy she is currently dating. She finally had this lightbulb moment and commented that the guy I most identity with is VERY similar to my father, and the guy that she’s dating is similar to hers as well.

It’s almost impossible to choose a romantic partner that is absolutely nothing like your opposite-sex parent. And when it does happen, it’s because that person was making an intentional effort to do so on purpose.

Debi Pearl also points out that a person’s mother will more readily accept her child’s significant other if they resemble the type of person that she married. So my best friend’s mom loves her boyfriend because he’s very similar to her dad.

However, if I was to date