3 Ways to Overcome Distractions while Pursuing Your God-given Purpose

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

I heard through the grapevine (aka my Instagram DMs) that you guys want to be laser-focused and crush these goals but you're having a hard time dealing with distractions when pursuing your purpose.

It makes sense...

Of course the enemy doesn't want you to be focused (not on the right things anyway) because that means you're less likely to get caught up in his foolishness and actually make an impact, inching closer and closer to the life you were meant to live. He knows that if you get a taste of purposeful living, it's over for him- he's officially lost his hold on you.

Well he's about to get BIG MAD at me because I'm going to give you 3 ways to overcome distractions while pursuing your purpose!

1. Get clear about your purpose plan

We've heard the expression, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

When you walk into your house, you can immediately notice if something is different or out of place because you know your house like the back of your hand. Well you will need to know your purpose plan just as well because this will make it easier to pinpoint what doesn't belong. When you develop a specific, step-by-step plan for how you will to accomplish your purpose, things that don't align with it tend to stick out to you almost immediately. And when they do, refuse to engage them.

2. Establish boundaries

Know what to say 'yes' to and what to say 'no' to, no matter whose feelings it hurts. When you're in purpose, you have to be focused at the expense of feelings. Everyday is crucial. Every hour is critical. Make sure you're spending your time doing things that matter. Everybody thinks what they have going on and what you can do for them is more important, but you need to set boundaries around your purpose so that other people's priorities don't hinder yours. You have to make your purpose a top priority and refuse to allow lesser or irrelevant things to distract you from putting your time and energy into it. Be prepared to be misunderstood when it comes to this because not everybody will understand your purpose or share the same passion that you have for accomplishing it. And that's okay. They don't have to understand it, they just have to respect it.

3. Write your why

If you don't know why it's important to accomplish your purpose then you will continue to allow other things to distract you from it. But when you have a clear vision of your success - what it will bring to your life and how it will impact the lives of others- it puts a pressure and motivation on you to get it done at any cost no matter what, no excuses! Failure isn't even an option at this point- you will begin to realize that this is something you HAVE to do. When this is on your mind, distractions will almost infuriate you because you don't want anything standing in the way of your pursuit.

Sit down and write your answers to these questions: