How to Break an Ungodly Soul Tie | Part 3

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Now that you know what a soul tie is and the different ways that they can form, it's time learn how to BREAK your ungodly soul ties once and for all!

The good news is that the hard part is over - now that you've become aware of the negative soul ties in your life and took the time to understand them, it's all down hill from here. There's only 3 main steps to breaking ungodly soul ties, but there is a major key that needs to be established before getting started.

If you've watch part one of this series, you've already started this process. But you need to make a WRITTEN list of all of the people you possibly have an ungodly soul tie with. I suggest doing this a full day before beginning these 3 steps. This is the most important part of this process because, I guarantee you, there are ungodly connections that you have no idea you've created with people. And if you don't know about them, you can't break them.

Quick Tip!

Go on a food fast during the day of this process to sharpen your awareness of these connections. I did this and was amazed at the connections God revealed to me from even the simplest, well-intentioned actions I've taken.

Just to give you a short blueprint, this list should include people you have connected with in the following ways:

-sexual intercourse, actions, behaviors, and conversations

-verbal commitments, such as "I belong to you," "I'm/It's yours," "You're the only one for me," "Together/Friends forever," "There's no one else I want or need," ect.

-physical affection, such as kissing, cuddling, holding hands, ect.

-sharing emotional conversations and talking about painful or highly emotional experiences with someone who had ulterior, impure motives

-connecting with people or groups that separate themselves from other groups, people, or populations

Once you have your list, it's time to start breaking! And this is simply done through making specific confessions.

Side Note! This is just a testament to how powerful words are! They literally shift whole environments, minds, and souls in the favor of what's being spoken. So just as a general life lesson: Watch your mouth! You will eat the fruit of your lips, whether it's good or bad.

#1 - Confess and Repent

Ungodly soul ties occupy God's space in our hearts, minds, and lives. This is an act of idolatry which is a sin that can only be forgiven when you confess it and repent for it to God. Repent means "to turn away" so it's much more than just saying sorry and leaving the door open for it to occur again. It means making changes to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Say this:

"Lord, I confess and repent for knowingly or unknowingly allowing idolatry to operate in my life. I cancel the assignment of idolatry and break its power in Jesus name.
I confess and repent for allowing *insert name* to become an idol in my life."

*Repeat the last sentence for each person on your list*

#2 - Break spoken vows

Sometimes when we're in relationships or friendships with others, our feelings can cause us to say things that create "vows" or "word curses" that bond us to that person. Those need to be broken as well for the separation to be complete. Say this...

"I break every vow and word curse I have spoken regarding *insert name*. I declare that they are null and void in Jesus name."

*Repeat this for each name on your list*

#3 - Break the ungodly soul tie

Here's the moment you've been waiting for! Say this:

"I now break and sever the ungodly soul tie between *insert name* and myself in the name of Jesus. I command every spirit associated with it to be uprooted from my life and completely destroyed in Jesus' name. I ask that every part of me that was taken or given away in the process be fully restored to me in its original condition. I receive my freedom and restoration. Thank you, Lord!"

*Repeat for each person on your list*

And just like that, you're free! Yes, it's THIS easy! But don't let the ease fool you. What you have just done was a POWERFUL act of faith that has caused a shift in Heaven and on earth. It's a lot like receiving salvation and being baptized - initially you may not feel any different, but OH you are. And you'll begin to see evidence of that as long as you exercise your belief by changing the habits you've created surrounding these soul ties.

For instance, if you've broken the soul tie between you and your on-again-off-again ex boyfriend, then don't just keep doing the same things with him expecting a supernatural force to come down from Heaven and stop you. YOU have to believe that you are no longer powerless against it and do things differently. Or else you'll be re-establishing the soul tie you've just broken. And when you begin to change your thinking and actions, that's when you'll be able to notice that it's easier than it was before and that tug that was pulling on you before is gone!

I'm excited about your newfound freedom and I'll be praying for your strength and wisdom in maintaining it!


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