The "Last Single Friend"- 6 Benefits of having friends in relationships

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Cuffing season is well underway... which can leave us “single friends” feeling left out in the cold (get it?!) BUT! There’s benefits to being one of the “last ones left” in your group of friends, especially if you desire to have a Bae of your very own.

Most singles avoid spending too much time around dating and married couples because... frankly, it makes us uncomfortable and reminds us of what we don't have!

But there are actually benefits to spending more time with these friends that you DON'T want to miss out on!

1. They help you keep hope alive!

The best way to get motivated is to have your goal in front of you. So if your friends have successful, healthy, and loving relationships, then being around them can help you to stay hopeful about one day having your own.

The key to this though is fighting the urge to be the “typical single friend” by acting bitter, uncomfortable, or pitiful when they have sweet moments in front of you. Instead, allow it to have the opposite affect: Let it make you excited for when you find the right person to have those moments with. Use this time to get comfortable with the idea of affection in relationships because you don’t want that uncomfortable reaction to follow you into your next relationship.

2. They help you prepare

The other side of this coin is that being exposed to the challenges that come up in your friend’s relationships will not only make you more grateful for your singleness, but it will also help you develop a mental cheat-sheet (or a Word document if you’re an organized list freak like me) for how you might handle these same situations in your relationship later on. You can’t be prepared for everything that may come up in your next relationship, but this can at least give you a good head start.

3. They love playing Match-maker