"Learning to Love" devotional | What you need to know...

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

{{The download for this devotional is at the bottom of this post!}}

We're just 2 DAYS away from the release of "28 Days of Learning to Love"!! I'm pleasantly surprised that everyone is just as excited about it as I am. But this may be a bigger deal than even I expected it to be....

"Love" is often a word we throw around flippantly with little knowledge of what it truly means. God spoke to me at the beginning of last month, telling me why our modern-day relationships are failing.

He told me that...

-we can't love others because we don't love ourselves

-we don't love ourselves because we don't love Him

-we don't love Him because we don't realize the purpose He created us for

-what we think we know about relationships is actually causing damage and pain to others

- we have no clue that we are clueless to any of these things so instead of working on them, we perpetuate them

"Wow... Okay God. So what do we do??"

He told me to use the month that houses "Love Day" to help restore love back to it's original condition. Now I don't pretend to know everything about love, so I began fasting and praying that God used me as his pen, transcribing what He wanted us to know.

He had me break it down into four 7-day segments- the love of God, loving ourselves, loving others, and the love of our purpose. This isn't the end-all be-all of love education, but it's definitely a start in the right direction. About halfway through building the content for this devotional, He called this something that (I can't lie) scared me a little bit- He called it "a movement."

"Oh Jesus! Really?!" He's very wise, telling me in the middle of the process. Had He mentioned this word at the beginning, the fear of it might have distracted me from even starting.