3 Tips for Loving Yourself and Your Life

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

I believe there’s an unbelievable thirst for genuine love in today’s society and it crushes my heart to think that a lot of us probably wouldn’t recognize it even if it was staring us in the face. For a very long time, my happiness and acceptance of myself depended on me being in a relationship because “if no one was willing to love me then how can I ever love myself?” Sound familiar?

What I eventually learned (after many years of heartbreak and self-discovery, whew the skruggle!) was that I was making it impossible for others to love me and ,better yet, for me to choose people for my life who were able to love me, until I first loved myself in a healthy way.

The inevitable key here is to start with you. The harsh truth is that if you don’t love you then that will be obvious to everyone around you and it’ll be difficult for them to find reasons to truly love you as well. But once you’re able to develop that love within yourself, you will be in the powerful position to bless and be blessed by others with that love!

I want to share a few pivotal things that personally helped me (and are still helping me) to develop a true love for myself and my life.

1. Whose opinions do you believe?

Aside from our own thoughts about ourselves, the whole world and everything in it has an opinion about you. And if you aren’t secure, steadfast, and completely immovable about who you are and what goodness and greatness you bring into this world, you are in danger of becoming consumed by the perceptions and beliefs of others. And this is a tormented life to live, my friend. Trust ME!

“So how do I find ou