Does marriage make you successful? | Honest Moment!!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Recently, I noticed that every person that I am currently obsessed with and highly motivated by are married. Every... single... one of them.

The thing is... they were always doing what they're doing now, but I personally had no idea who they were until after they were married. Funny, huh?

There are times (pretty much everyday) when I wonder if I'm even making any progress. But it seems like when a person gets married, they just shoot off like a rocket right into purpose achievement and success!

But as a single woman, starving to live purposefully and make a mark on the world (at least part of it)…

I couldn’t help but ask the question *Carrie Bradshaw voice*…

even though it went against everything I constantly preach to others…

“Is my purpose only powerful in marriage?”

And if so, then what does that mean for me right now?!

Honestly it’s hard to resist entertaining the thought of "should I even bother?" I mean, just putting together a blog post and video is a full week-long process, not to mention all of the other goals I pour myself into achieving every week while trying to build my own business and help 2 other companies build theirs as well.... and for what??

I literally texted my web designer and asked her to remove the setting that shows how many people actually read each of my blog posts. Yes, I can see you. (Shout out to my faithful viewers, I live for yall!!)

It’s great info to know from an analytical standpoint, but in the spirit of continuing to do what I truly believe God is leading me to do, it was messing with me.

“What's it all for God? Do I have to wait to be married to experience success? For my work to pay off? To see the fruit of my labor?”

After hearing only silence, I decided to clarify to the Lord that these are REAL questions that I'm expecting answers to right now in this very moment (respectfully, of course).

And then I realized… I'm doing it.