My Recovery Story: Part 2, How I became completely FREE from my drinking problem

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Ok! The hard part is over! (If you haven’t read part 1 of this story click here) This part of the story is about how I recovered COMPLETELY!

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I used to always joke that being a “good drinker” (whatever that is…) ran in my blood. There were quite a few alcoholics in my family only that’s not exactly what we called it……Moving on!

I might have had a drinking problem but I was still a psychologist, and I understood that I needed to know when and why this problem started because that would help me determine how to recover from it.

My alcoholism ran a little deeper than me just getting out of control: this issue was a generational curse. Not only did I need to make drastic lifestyle changes, but I also needed to break a cycle that had been plaguing my bloodline for generations.

So here is what I did to become completely free of my drinking problem.

(Disclaimer: Keep in mind that these recovery strategies are specific to me. Treatment for any issue should always be individually tailored, but I have included some “Wisdom Rubies” that can apply to all.)

1. I Got Low

Once I realized I had a real deal issue and how deeply ingrained it was, I got really humble and desperate for God’s help. I sat on the floor in my bedroom and cried as I told him there’s no way I can do this alone. I would do whatever it took, but I didn’t trust myself to know what was best for me or to do the right thing even if I knew what it was.

I started by asking His forgiveness for… everything!!

For trying to play God in my life and not coming to Him sooner. For putting other’s lives in danger. For actually flaunting my problem at times as if it was something to be proud of. For not honoring His sacrifice for me by neglecting my health. And for any time when I caused someone else around me to sin because of it.