One Morning Routine that Guarantees Daily Success

It’s a known fact that the first thing that you do each morning has a direct influence on how the rest of your day transpires. So what’s the first thing that you do when you wake up? And if your answer to that question has anything to do with an electronic device, then that needs to change IMMEDIATELY!

What if I told you that there is one thing that you could do every morning to guarantee that each day is bursting at the seams with success in improving satisfaction and accomplishment in your life?! Would you try it? Huh? Huh?? Huh?!?! I’m assuming so because you’re here reading this…

Let me warn you though. One thing you’ll need to pull this off is… *drumroll*… consistency.

Let’s be honest: People fall off. We say we’re going to do something, and we might…for about a good week, if that long. So if you do this once or twice then you’ll have an amazing one or two days. But if you want it to change your life, you will have do it every day. And trust me, once you see the transformation that takes place because of it, you’ll actually look forward to it.

Still here???

Awkay!! I see you pursuing that success and satisfaction! Let’s go then!!

So by now I’m pretty sure you’re like, Ok ok just tell me already!!!

Well during a time that I was completely and utterly disgusted with my life, I put myself through a serious “lifestyle boot camp,” during which, I committed to doing this every single morning (and later added it to my nighttime routine as well). I was so amazed at how it changed the course of each day that I still do it now and will do it forever and ever. And it’s simply this:

As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, I have a date with God.

Excuse me, crazy lady said WHAT?!?! Yes, you read me right. I have a date with God every morning. Ok so let me explain….

During the boot camp, I realized that I had been “saved” all of my life and never had an actual relationship with God. I did things to feel like a “good Christian” but little did I know that that had absolutely nothing to do with whether God and I knew each other.

In the Bible, the Lord says that if you deny me before men then I will deny you before my Father (Matthew 10:33). A common way that we deny God is by putting our relationships with others before our relationship with God. Yes, He wants you to tithe and live a Holy life, but you can do all of the things that make you religiously perfect and can still get straight-up DENIED at the heavenly gates because you have failed to connect with God in relationship.

A man once asked Jesus what the most important command was, and Jesus gave this reply:

“Love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and most important command.” –Matthew 22:37-38

Hello?! *taps mic* Is this thing ON?! He didn’t say pay your tithes. He didn’t say pray for 2 hours a day. He didn’t say spend more time at the church than you do tending to your spouse, children, and household (oops, did I type that out loud??) God said the most important command is to love Him.

“Love Him. Hmm…love. That sounds familiar, how does that go again?” I don’t know about you but that was my question!

That is why I starting “dating” God. With all the pain I had been through I needed to learn how to really love again and not just love the way I am humanly able to, but love Him from the Spirit He placed inside of me. I wanted to love Him in a way that He deserved, which required me to research that God-kind-of-love in the Bible.

(Another aspect of my boot camp was making sure that every one of my thoughts and actions lined up with the Word of God. Yeah, at this point I didn’t even trust my own thoughts. I was a mess y’all! But God is able!)

So what does dating God look like??

What do you do with someone you are dating? You spend time with them, talk to them, learn about them, listen to them, you think about them, you go out of your way to do certain things to show how much you care about them, and if they are amazing enough (which we all should know that He absolutely is!!!), then you fall in love with them.

These are some things that our morning dates consisted of:

  • Talking candidly and praying to Him

  • Singing praise and worship songs to Him

  • Asking Him to speak to me and sitting in silence, listening to Him

  • Telling Him my secret thoughts and feelings

  • Reading the Bible and asking Him to help me comprehend it

  • Writing letters to Him

  • Telling Him all of things that I am thankful to Him for

  • Talking to Him about what has been bothering me and asking/trusting Him to help me fix it

He reciprocated my willingness to get to know, love, and live for Him with:

Joy, Peace, Strength, Power, Mental Clarity, Provision, Protection, Patience, Revelations of Vision and Purpose for my life, business ideas and strategies, Positivity, Healing, open doors for great opportunities, closed doors for bad ones, Grace for mistakes I made, Mercy that kept me from experiencing the consequences from those mistakes, and learning who I was.

(Forgive me for the last one you guys, I know it’s pretty basic. But at this point I literally had no idea who I was and I was ecstatic to finally figure it out! But I know that none of you are that bad off *wink*)

Why should I do this specifically in the morning?

Well… because the Bible says so! I love them that love me; those that seek me early shall find me – Proverbs 8:17

BUT if that answer isn’t enough for you…

We can (and should) seek God all day long, but the morning time is still and quiet, much like the voice of God. Without the clamor of the day, it’s easier for us to hear God’s voice.

The morning also signifies the beginning of a new day, the first part of the day. God doesn’t deserve the leftovers of your time or the time that you’re willing to give Him while you’re multi-tasking. He deserves to get your full attention before anybody or anything else.

Pleasing Him in this way will open the door for Him to “download” the things that you need for the day. He knows what we are going to face in each day before we do, so taking this time to seek Him and allowing Him to pour into you the things that you will need for the day is imperatively essential. If you decided to seek Him on your lunch break or after the day is over, then you don’t get the advantage of facing the day with Him.

If you don’t know where to start then start with this:

5 minutes of worship, 5 minutes of prayer, 5 minutes of scripture reading. All it takes is 15 minutes to get you started! Now, I set aside the first hour of my day because I started to get lost in my time with Him and found myself running late to work!

The more I started my day with God, the better and more effective my days were. I was able to face my day with power, positivity, and productivity like never before! And others began to notice as well and ask what I was doing differently!

I started to notice that people would begin to gravitate towards me because they just enjoyed my presence, which I knew was really the presence of God that I was able to carry with me by spending time with Him. (You know that glow that follows you after you spend time with someone that you love? *insert heart eyes emoji*)

I also began to get promotions at work and business opportunities and ideas. And even when problems came my way, I found it harder and harder to become discouraged by them and easier to make them work to my advantage.

Spend your morning with God. Invite Him into your day. And walk in your inevitable success.

Don’t forget to comment tell me what you like to do with God in the morning!

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