How Focusing on Your Purpose Guarantees You'll Find The One | Barack and Michelle

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

It's officially December, which means it's the most wonderful time of the year... to focus on your purpose! Now I know I'm the "relationship girl" and I noticed that some of my followers kind of fall off when I shift the focus to purpose. So what I feel the need to stress is that...

the right one will NEVER come if you aren't in your purpose because they were created FOR your purpose!

Case and point: Barack and Michelle Obama. They met smack dab in the middle of purpose. Michelle was actually Barack's supervisor at the time that they met. If neither had the desire to fulfill their purposes they would have never been in the right position to cross paths.

Also, keep in mind that their purposes were in the same industry, which meant that they were going in the same direction and a had developed a specific set of skills and abilities that would enable them to combine their efforts to become America's most beloved and influential power couple.

Can you imagine Barack without Michelle and vice versa? They would have made a difference, I'm certain, but not on the scale that they were able to achieve together.

You are setting your relationship up for failure if you enter into it without knowing what you're called to do in your life because once you learn that, everything about you and the course of your life changes and that can create complete chaos and discontentment in a relationship.

Realizing and focusing on your purpose actually increases, if not guarantees, your chances of finding the right one. Here's 4 reasons why!

1. Purpose prepares you for them.

Purpose develops you as a person, but most importantly, it teaches you how to serve, which is what relationships are all about. Most of the things you need to know and learn in order for your relationship to succeed will be learned while operating in your purpose. Things like: