Scriptures & Prayer for Purpose + Fail-Proof Planning for the New Year!

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Hello December! Time to gear up for the New Year!

First step: Make BOSS goals.

Right?? WRONG!

Before even brainstorming any goals, you need pray and ask God for His direction and guidance. Ask Him what He has planned for your year. Yes, your year is already planned! Psalm 139:16 (NLV) says:

It's important to seek God's plan instead of creating your own because His ways and timing are perfect. And I don't know about you, but I want the Perfect Plan for my life, not the bootleg one I can piece together.

Speaking of...In order to flawlessly organize God's Perfect Plan for this year, I'll be using the Vision Planner!

It's an incredibly fun, guided planner packed with personality that positions you to receive God's plan for your year and literally walks you through planning your year in a way that pretty much ensures that you won't fall off after a few months (like so many of the years I've experienced in the past.)

2019 is the year of staying committed and finishing the things I start.

Having something like the Vision Planner actually makes me look forward to it because it gives me confidence that all of my goals will actually get accomplished! Imagine that!

If you want a peak inside, take a tour of my Vision Planner!

Here's the actual Purpose Prayer that is included in the Vision Planner. It's so simple but so powerful! I've been declaring it and getting revelations everyday of what God has in store for me in 2019!

Click the "free resources" tab to download the printable version of this prayer!

Also, here are some good purpose scriptures to use as affirmations while seeking God's will for your year! God's word cannot return to him without accomplishing what is declared so speak it forth and expect great things!

Click the "free resources" tab to download the printable version of these scriptures!

I'll be keeping all of you Royals in my prayers as we prepare to step into the next levels that this coming year will bring!!

Much Love!



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