The Secret to Struggle-Proof Happiness & 3 Tips to Get It

Yes…we know… the struggle is real. For some, it always has been. And for others, it always will be. But if that’s true (and it is!) then WHEN are we supposed to finally be completely happy!?

The answer to that question is so simple that it just might make you mad: You can be completely happy whenever you decide to be. Happiness isn’t based on circumstances going well, it’s a decision that we choose to make and keep in spite of things that try to threaten it.

BUT! I’ve discovered that there’s one thing that can truly guarantee that your happiness is struggle-proof: Contentment.

Now before you throw up your hands, roll your eyes, and hit the back button… Make sure that you can pass the Contentment Test first *evil grin*

If you have said or done any of the following things within the last 30 days, it’s probably safe to say you may not be content:

  • “The struggle is real.”

  • “I can’t wait until __________.”

  • “I’ll be glad when __________.”

  • Posted a vacation picture from a year (or more) ago with the caption “Take me back” (my personal favorite, ha!)

  • Daydream about times in the past when “things were better”

  • Fantasize about times in the future when “things will be better”

I could continue, but I’m sure 99.7% of you should probably just keep on reading…

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about 3 ways to get content and stay content!

1. Realize what true prosperity is

When we think about the word “prosper” many times we equate it with the word “success.” But Myles Munroe defines true prosperity astoday’s needs are met today.” Many of us are living in overflow and we don’t even take notice of it. We are so busy looking for 25 years’ worth of surplus that we fail to realize what a blessing it is to have more than enough for today. There are so many people in the world that don’t even have basic needs for the day, much less are able to set their minds on tomorrow or the rest of the week.

God knows what we need before we even realize that we need it and He has already promised to supply it, but we can get so busy trying to be Jehovah Jireh in our own lives that we don’t even leave room for God to keep His promises to us. Thank God for supplying today’s needs and leave tomorrow’s needs to Him.

Now this isn’t an excuse not to plan for the future. But there’s a difference in planning for the future and obsessing or worryingabout it. A good passage to meditate on when it comes to this is Matthew 6: 26-32. It will get you ALL the way together.