Top 3 Ways to Prepare for a Relationship

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I was recently asked by one of my Instagram followers about the best ways to prepare for a relationship, and although I feel that all of my blogs and videos address this question in one way or another, I decided to answer it directly.

So after thinking back on the things that have helped me the most, I came up with these top 3 ways to prepare for a relationship while you’re still single.

1. Know Yourself

You’re probably thinking, “Really… I’ve known me all of my life!”

But this is actually one of the most necessary, yet most avoided, ways to prepare for a relationship. If you want a truly successful relationship, there’s no way around putting in the work to really know yourself... there just isn’t.

And make no mistake about the fact that it DOES take work! But that’s what makes it the perfect way to prepare because relationships take work!

A dangerous thing about dating before knowing who you are is that you will end up blindly believing, and even depending, on the opinion of who you’re dating to define you without even realizing it. They could say you’re a horrible person and you’ll end up believing it just because you didn’t take the time to find out the things that make you a good person. But when you already know your identity, you’re able to be fully open and honest about who you are and all that you come with (because we ALL come with a little baggage.)

Learn as much as you can about yourself now while you’re single because the last thing you want to happen is to finally find someone who could be “the one” only for your skeletons and repressed traumas to chase them away. This isn’t always a pretty process, so I suggest dealing with those things while you don’t have an audience.

Check out my YouTube video to find out some practical ways to get to know yourself better!

2. Love Yourself

When you begin learning yourself, you won’t always like what you find out. So then you are faced with the challenge of getting to a place where you can still love yourself in spite of all of those things.

You can always tell when a person doesn’t really love themselves by the way they treat other people. People who haven’t mastered self-love tend to point out mistakes and flaws of others and are often condescending, overly critical, and have a “get over it” attitude when others seems to be struggling in some way. People like this are often those who need love the most, but they usually don’t get it because their inability to love themselves makes them “unlovable” to others.