Top 7 Relationship Mistakes of All Time

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Besides the obvious lying, cheating, and betrayal, there are common things that people often do when it comes to relationships that are complete no-nos.

The problem is... very people know about these things so we continue to taint our perfectly good relationships with them. Until today...

I'm going to share 7 of the biggest relationship mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs!

These things are very important for you to know before your relationship starts, but if you're already in a relationship, late is better than never.

1. Rebounding / not being single long enough

This is not only the number 1 WORST mistake to make in a relationship, but it's often a reason that some people have horrible experiences with love and give up on it altogether.

You have to give yourself time between relationships. It's so easy to want to hop back into another relationship because:

- it makes your break-up hurt less

- the feeling of being with someone is comforting and familiar, especially if your last relationship was a long-term one.

- it distracts you from having to deal with yourself and your own issues, which can be pretty scary and extremely tough

But the danger with rebounding is that we often make that person pay for the mistakes of our last relationship because we haven't spent enough time reflecting on what went wrong, what we need to do differently, and updating who we are now that things have changed.

Every relationship - no matter how brief - changes what we know about relationships and love as a whole. And if we don't take an inventory of what we've learned from our past relationships, whether it's positive or negative, then we may begin to unknowingly operate from premises and perspectives that no longer apply.

2. Talking about your relationship with others too much

First off, nobody wants to constantly talk about your boyfriend or husband with you. And your boyfriend or husband doesn't constantly want you to tell everyone about your business. And trust me, they know when you do it.

It's a huge no-no to discuss your relationship problems with your girls before you hash things out with your man first. It causes a major break in trust which can sometimes be almost impossible to come back from.